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Style Guide Gallery


Welcome to our Style Guide Selection page! Our desire is for you to have a website that converts, communicates your brand, and last but not least, RANKS! Our style guide sites have proven to accomplish all of these goals and on this page you will find all the information you need to make a decision on which style guide is best suited for your business Below is our gallery of style guides where you can scroll through to get some quick information on the six options that we offer. If you are interested in diving into one or more specific sites, you can get a better understanding of what this would look like for your business by clicking the “Live STYLE GUIDE preview” button to enter into our showcase website which we developed FOR YOU, so that you would have a clear understanding and accurate expectations of what your site will look like in the end result.

Once you have found a right fit for your business, please navigate back to the Website Build Form, select the Style Guide you’d like to move forward with, upload your logos, brand colors, photography, and BOOM, you’re done! Take a deep breath in and out and we’ll have a brand new website for your business in 20 days!

Style Guide #1

Enjoy the website design of Style Guide #1 which is all about balance and eye-catching sharpness. We’ve created a modern look that’s easy to navigate, using neat box-style sections to organize everything. This design makes everything clear and interesting to look at, guiding visitors smoothly from one part to another. Our layout makes sure important aspects of your business stand out, using bright colors against a simple background to grab attention. Plus, it’s super user-friendly, making sure your visitors find what they need without any hassle.

Click below to experience what your brand could feel like in this design!

Style Guide #2

Check out Style Guide #2! It’s all about using bold colors to highlight important features of your business. It relies heavily on high-quality photos to show off what your brand is all about. Make sure your photos are up to date because they’re key to telling your brand’s story. This design uses these colors and pictures to grab your attention and make sure you notice the most important parts. It’s super user-friendly, making the visit both easy and fun. This isn’t just a website; it’s a visual journey that makes your brand stand out.

Click below to experience what your brand could feel like in this design!

Style Guide #3

This website design bursts with dynamic colors, immediately catching your eye and inviting you to explore more. Each page transitions smoothly with lively shades that highlight the diverse services offered, making it easy for users to navigate through. The strategic use of colors not only makes the website visually appealing but also cleverly directs attention to important information and calls to action. This design approach ensures that visitors are not just passersby but are engaged and intrigued by what the services can do for them. With interactive elements and a user-friendly layout, the website guarantees a memorable experience, encouraging visitors to dive deeper into the services provided. This colorful, dynamic design is key to drawing in and retaining users, showcasing the services in an attractive and accessible way.

Click below to immerse yourself in the powerful messaging this Style Guide offers!

Style Guide #4

This style guide embodies simplicity and intuition, offering a clean experience that effortlessly guides users on a journey towards engagement. Its minimalist approach eliminates clutter, emphasizing easy navigation and a seamless experience. Thoughtfully structured, it leads visitors through a clear path, enhancing understanding of the services offered.

Interactive elements are subtly integrated, encouraging exploration without overwhelming. This design not only makes finding information effortless but also enriches the journey, motivating users to engage further with the business. It transforms the website into a guiding tool, leading users towards a meaningful interaction.

Style Guide #5

This style guide leans heavily on the strength of a solid brand, showcasing the business’s professionalism through high-quality photography and a modern layout. The modern design of sections and blocks on the website adds to this narrative, presenting information in an organized and visually appealing manner. This approach not only highlights the brand’s identity but also enhances the user’s experience by making it easy to navigate and absorb information. The combination of professional photography and contemporary design elements asserts the business’s credibility and commitment to quality, inviting users to explore and connect with confidence. This design strategy effectively communicates the business’s professionalism and positions it as a leader in its field, compelling users to engage and trust in the services offered.

Style Guide #6

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Why Rebuild your website?


Reason #1

The world of code is constantly evolving. Your website is your greatest asset to your business and frequent updates of your website's code is a great way to help keep your brand elevated and relevant.


Reason #2

We build websites that RANK! Our clients' websites consistently outrank their competitors and we want to make sure that you're on the most risk-free path to SEO Success!


Reason #3

Your website is your most valuable salesman! We are focused on building websites that convert visitors to jobs booked! Our experience in the industry helps us build sites with competitive conversion rates

We build websites that RANK and SELL! The website is a foundational piece to your ability to rank on organic searches.

We have experienced incredible success with so many business, and almost all of them were on a website we built!

Connect with our team on any questions you have about the process of rebuilding your website.


“Style Guide?” Seems like I’m getting a template website that isn’t built for my business? Is this true?

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“Template” does have a negative connotation to it, this is true. But make no mistake, this website is 100% built for your business! We call it a Style Guide site because the sections and blocks in the website have consistent structures and shapes, and the pages will follow a structure that not only reads well but looks great too!. Meaning instead of us going through the home page and developing each section individually for whatever goal is decided, we rotate and utilize sections/blocks that have already been created. The content on the site though is specifically written for your business and its visitors! The great thing about this is that the makeup of the site will look consistent and unified. The only downside of this is if you are the kind of person that cares about the exact curvature of a circle, aka if you’re a design especial then our Custom Website Offer might be a better fit for you.

What changes will be made to the template I choose for my new website?

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Once you select a template and submit your website build form we will begin building your new website from the template in terms of the structure and design. Your business’s logo, colors, photos, CRM quote form, and specific content will be added to personalize the template.  

What if I don’t have photography or the photos I do have are not good quality?

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Rotate Digital cannot emphasize enough the importance of good quality, branded photography which is why we showcase that in our Templates as well as offer a $400 photography credit for all clients. Please connect with your Account Manager on receiving the Photography Offer document that has all the information needed for taking us up on the offer!

What changes/edits can I request after the new website is live?

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Once your website has been built, gone through your review and received approval from you to be launched you will be able to request up to 2 hours of edits/development a month. These edits can be text or photo changes as well as adding landing pages (with either you providing the content or paying for additional SEO content that your SEO Specialist will create) and quote form field edits. Post-launch, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager.