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An SEO check analyzes how well your web presence complies with best practices – it is the first step in creating an SEO strategy that will bring you more traffic and therefore more sales .

The goal of the SEO check is to identify as many fundamental problems as possible that affect organic search performance.

Our SEO check checks the following points:

Technical SEO issues

Problems with loading time and indexing of your website.

Problems with the page structure

Poor heading structure or blog structure.

On-page SEO problems

Poor meta data for media on your website.

Off-page problems

Which can be created through backlinks and anchor texts.

An SEO check should be carried out regularly - it is basically a "health check" for your website. That's why our free SEO check is already quite comprehensive, covering both structural and content components that affect your SEO visibility. It should give an overview of the current state of affairs. Any missing parts could lead to unnecessary or incorrect recommendations.

Which metrics are relevant for the ranking?

As already described above, our free SEO check is already quite comprehensive and basically covers most technical, on-page and off-page factors. Since our first SEO check is offered free of charge, we only analyze the homepage of your website, so don’t be surprised if the results do not match those of an SEO analysis of your entire site.

Over 200 factors are relevant for an optimal ranking , which are of course kept secret by Google – because nobody wants to give away the recipe for their “secret sauce”. But years of experience and analyses of our projects at Wolf of SEO have shown which metrics really matter and which can be ignored. Because as with almost every project, the relevant 80% is what counts before you tackle the details of the remaining 20%.

For example, it has been shown that backlinks and keywords are two very relevant SEO metrics. You can find a report on both ranking factors in our SEO Check! We show you the number of backlinks from external sources, give you information about your internal link structure and show you which keywords are most frequently represented on your homepage.

Technical SEO factors - not to be underestimated

So that Google can check your website, also known as “crawling” in technical jargon, every page should   have  a ” sitemap ” . This contains the entire page structure with all subpages, hierarchically arranged and thus easy to read for the Google bot. At the same time, a ” robots.txt “  file should be found in order to enable or prevent the findability or indexing of certain subpages. Our analysis shows you whether these two files can be found on your website and recommends creating them if they are not present.

Our SEO Checker also shows the  loading time and performance of the page  and breaks it down into individual elements. This allows you to see exactly whether there are problems with the JavaScript or CSS resources that can be quickly resolved and thus improve your loading speed. Not only does the Google bot like to see this and it will automatically classify your page as more relevant, but so will the visitors to the page. Because nothing is more annoying than pages that load slowly and incorrectly.

Onpage SEO test – the criteria of your site

The on-page analysis includes the content of your page as well as its user-friendliness. This starts with meta information and ends with UX signals that Google receives. Adjusting the title of a subpage and a correct heading structure can be the first steps towards on-page  optimization  . The keyword density and the length of your content also represent a major lever for   conquering the top positions in the rankings .

In our free SEO audit, we show you which and how often you use keywords on your site. You will also learn more about the heading tags you have set and can then adjust your heading structure straight away!

Off-page SEO factors – link building and co.

In addition to the technical and on-page factors of your website, the so-called off-page metrics also play a role. Backlinks are particularly worth mentioning here, as these represent recommendations for your site and are an excellent ranking signal for search engines . Both the quality and the quantity are crucial and are summarized as a metric called “Page Rank”. For example, if you have backlinks from universities, daily newspapers or popular sites in your industry, Google will also classify your content as popular and high-quality.

In addition to an analysis of how many other pages link to your homepage, our SEO check also tells you something about your internal link structure and which links on your site are faulty.

SEO check for your website – arrange a free appointment now with Wolf of SEO!

With our free SEO check, we give you an initial overview of whether and where action is needed to increase your visibility on the Internet. Of course, there are other factors and options to increase your findability on Google, but with our SEO check you at least have a starting point.

If you see an urgent need for action and want to find out more about the status of your site from the search engine’s perspective, we offer a professional SEO analysis and a free initial consultation . Our comprehensive SEO audit checks your entire website for all possible off-page, on-page and technical factors with detailed reports on faulty pages, broken links, duplicate content and much more. Search engine optimization is now an integral part of almost every online marketing strategy, regardless of whether it is in e-commerce or affiliate marketing, and you should not leave the huge playing field of “Google” to the competition.

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FAQs about the Website SEO Check

What is the purpose of an SEO check?

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An SEO check (or organic website audit) is useful for identifying issues that may be preventing your website from being visible in the organic search results of search engines like Google. A website audit can identify low-hanging fruit as well as longer-term opportunities to improve your website’s performance. Improved performance can lead to more visitors. Increased visitor numbers can lead to more customers and therefore more sales.

What does a website audit consist of?

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This depends on the website being audited. Typically, SEO checks include a review of technical aspects, on-page and off-page elements. For more extensive audits, we can also perform competitive analysis, link analysis and additional off-page analysis.

How often should I perform an SEO check?

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Good question! Depending on the size of your website, you should have an audit done every twelve to eighteen months. If you are planning a relaunch, it may be a good idea to do an audit both before and after the new website launches.

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