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Heaven on Earth Movers


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Background .

Heaven on Earth Moving, based in Houston, Texas, faced a challenging situation when they approached Rotate Digital for digital marketing and SEO services.

The client had struggled for nearly three months to get their Google Business Profile (GBP) verified due to the switch from a service area business to a store-front business. However, Our commitment to the SEO process, even without GBP verification, proved to be a significant advantage in the long run.

As we have seen with hundreds of moving companies, Google rewards consistency, and this case study illustrates how continuing SEO services while Collin worked on verifying his Google Business Profile yielded extensive brand visibility growth, along with increases in website traffic from Google.

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The Challenge .

The primary challenge was to get Heaven on Earth Moving’s GBP verified, which is crucial for local businesses to appear prominently in Google search results. Delayed verification can severely impact a business’s online visibility, especially in a competitive market like the moving industry.

When a Google Business Profile (GBP) is suspended, customers can not find the company in the Google Map Pack when searching for key terms such as “movers”, “moving companies” and “movers near me”

Being found in the map-pack is crucial as 80-85% of consumers who are shopping for a local service-based business find their business through the map pack as opposed to organic rankings (the rankings below the map pack).


The Strategy

We used a multi-pronged strategy to address this challenge and improve Heaven on Earth Moving’s online presence:

SEO Optimization: Rotate Digital recognized the importance of consistency in SEO efforts. Despite the GBP verification delay, they continued their SEO work to ensure that the website remained well-optimized for search engines. This included deliverables such as consistently high-quality guest posts, premium backlinks, and press releases. 

Keyword Targeting: Rotate Digital focused on targeting keywords like “Long Distance Movers,” “Movers,” and “Movers Near Me” to enhance Heaven on Earth Moving’s visibility in search results. We consider these “money terms” as they have the highest buying intent, along with the highest search volume. 

Location Expansion and Brand Authority: While primarily focused on a single location in Spring, Texas, Rotate Digital’s work played a pivotal role in building the overall authority of Heaven on Earth Moving’s brand. This strategy led to all Google Business Profile locations experiencing increased visibility on Google, reinforcing the brand’s presence and influence across multiple markets. This underscores the scalability and effectiveness of Rotate Digital’s strategies in bolstering a brand’s reputation and reach.

When we work on one location, we tend to see all locations get benefit from our SEO work. 


The collaborative efforts of Heaven on Earth Moving and Rotate Digital yielded significant results and increases in visibility:

Near-Instant Rankings: Once the GBP in Texas was finally verified, Heaven on Earth Moving experienced near-instant rankings for key keywords such as “Long Distance Movers,” “Movers,” and “Movers Near Me.” Typically it takes companies 3-6 months to appear in the map-pack rankings for these terms, however, our continued work on Heaven on Earth’s account, in spite of the GBP being down, proved to be crucial in these rankings. 


As you can see, even this scan shows significant progress on a brand new GBP, far above what companies who don’t work with Rotate Digital experience. However, the success did not stop at this scan. Only 11 days after this initial scan was ran, we saw a significant “pop” in their rankings for the term Long Distance Movers

This map scan displays 100% market share for Heaven on Earth Movers. That means that there isn’t a single person who is within the reach of his Texas GBP that is searching for “long distance movers” that isn’t finding his company in the first or second position on the Map Pack.

As of the writing of this case study, Heaven on Earth Movers has maintained this 100% market share for this term. 

Increased Traffic: The website’s traffic significantly increased, indicating improved online visibility and organic reach.

Going back 6 months, Heaven on Earth was seeing an average of 77 monthly website visitors arriving from organic traffic.

After just six months of work, Heaven on Earth has increased it’s organic website traffic by nearly 168%.

It is important to put these numbers into context: 

Traditionally, moving companies see a decrease in organic website traffic from the end of August through March of the following year due to the seasonality of the business. On top of that, organic traffic as a whole is down for nearly all industries as the market shifts towards a recession. 

However, Heaven On Earth has beat industry standards and has seen an increase in organic website traffic, even beating the peak months of the year for moving companies. 

Revenue Growth: Despite operating in slow season and facing market decline, Heaven on Earth Moving’s top-line revenue increased substantially due to the effective SEO work. They are expected to finish the year with year-over-year growth in top-line revenue while most of the industry is seeing 20-30% reductions in sales. 


This case study highlights the effectiveness of Rotate Digital’s SEO strategies, emphasizing that Google rewards consistency in online efforts when building a digital footprint. Heaven on Earth Moving’s experience demonstrates that SEO work can yield significant benefits even when the target Google Business Profile isn’t verified immediately. By maintaining a consistent SEO strategy and focusing on brand authority, Rotate Digital helped Heaven on Earth Moving achieve remarkable results and expand its success to additional locations. This underscores the power of a strategic digital marketing partnership and the long-term advantages it can provide to a business, even in challenging circumstances.